Recall – Jimmy Levan and the Austin Church Gap

It’s time. You’re pedaling your ass off approaching the gap. Explain what you are thinking?
I sat on the other side of the church singing a Cat Power song to myself. I gave myself the count from 10 to 0 backwards and pedal top speed on 0! A.S.A.P. When I made the left turn my left pedal actually hit the one down step! I said fuck it, just go fast as shit and pull the hell up! There were only 2 jobs: pedal your fastest in a short runway, and hop your best. I didn’t really have to worry about over shooting, ha ha!

You’ve bunnyhopped as high as you can and are mid-gap. Time has slowed to a crawl. Explain.
Your eye is just on that last stair up! I wouldn’t have seen Godzilla if he was standing near by, just that last F-ing stair!

You land perfectly and are riding away. People are starting to cheer and contemplate what just happened. How are you feeling?
Happy as shit because it was one of those shit or get off the pot tricks. Either real good, or real bad! I was super stoked on the YouTube footy of the dude that tried it and cased. He ran out of it so well! He should have died! He blew up his wheel and ran and bobbled out of it basically! It was better than pulling it!

John Barker Attempts The Austin Church Gap (above), which ends badly.

Have you seen the gap lately, and would you ever jump it again? Do you know if anyone else has ever jumped it?
It was torn down last spring. Luckily I was there in March and took a few pics. Random that I somehow knew to take pics of it 11 years later, only a month before it was torn down. Hmmmmmm! Some weird ghost or something must have told me in my sleep. Rumor has it Paul Buchanan did it as well and pulled it! I know he could.

The Church Gap, February 1, 2011. It still exists, but is undergoing renovation. Photo Terrell Gordy.

Thanks for taking the time to re-live a cool moment in BMX history. Any final words?
The faster you go, the softer you land, and the less you have to balance!
– Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate, Jimmy

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Church Gap Redux Music
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  1. first in freestyle

    Jimmy, it’s so cool to see you’re back on your bike again…wish I had the guts to pull gaps like this….but no way….I am a sissy….(well I got style to make up for the cowardness…)..thx for pushing this sport and being an all true bmx-all-american guy!
    Steve from Germany

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