Recall – Tim Fuzzy Hall and Road Fools 2

Tim Fuzzy Hall is a BMX legend. I had a chance to sit down and ask him some questions about when we visited his backyard in 1998 during the second Road Fools trip. Above you’ll find his interview from the video, where Jimmy Levan, Steve Crandall, and Robbo ask him a bunch of questions.

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Also, don’t miss the companion post, featuring Buck Choklit invading a country restaurant and then the full RF2 backyard session from Fuzzy’s yard, including clips of an up-and-coming Mike Aitken. It’s not too often you see Brian Castillo putting Leland in a headlock haha.

Road Fools 2 rolled through your town back in 1998. I remember at the start of the trip the whole crew flew to Chicago where we were based at the time, and all of us crammed in the bus and drove out to Utah for what seemed like days. Your backyard dirt setup was the first official riding stop, and everyone was super excited when we got there, raring to go. What do you remember about that day?
Man the first thing that I remembered was Crandall getting out of the bus in that crazy cowboy getup and my neighbors wondering what the hell was going on??

We decided to bust out an impromptu interview with you where Jimmy Levan, Steve Crandall, and Robbo asked you a bunch of questions. What was that like for you?
It was great, I had known Jimmy and Robbo for a while and was comfortable with those guys. But this “new guy” Crandall was a loose cannon haha.

They also interviewed your wife Terri about young punk kids always being in your backyard, posters of you hung up in the house, and her opinion of you in tight leathers. How’s Terri doing, and what did she say when she saw your interview for the first time?
Terri is doing great and is still so amazing with anyone coming over to the house and riding, and still loves when I wear leathers haha. When she first saw the video she was laughing her ass off and was stoked on how it all turned out. But still a little freaked out with Crandall!

Jimmy teases you about snow jumping. What is that exactly?
Basically lake jumping into snow instead of water. That’s how I worked on front flips…clipped in!

What did you think when Buck Choklit was spotted in your backyard later that day?
I thought the cops were coming for sure!

Buck Choklit hanging in Fuzzy’s backyard.

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  1. Latane Coghill

    How about a recall article with Joe Rich and the backwards rails from Road Fools 1? Or Van Homan and the Kona tailwhip gap or the snakerun? Just a thought.

  2. HAHA. I spotted jerky in the background. I forgot about that.

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