Recall – Tim Fuzzy Hall and Road Fools 2

A young Mikey Aitken looking on as Fuzzy gets interviewed.

In the background of some of the interview a young Mikey Aitken can be spotted wearing a bright orange Crush shirt, and in the RF2 yard section he’s riding the trails. It’s crazy seeing him so young here while knowing how far he’s come today. Do you still see Mikey a lot? How is he recovering after his injury?
I do still see Mike every once in a while. I saw him at the Anthem 2 premier and it was so amazing! Mikey will always rule in my book and is one of the greatest of all time! I think we are both just so busy raising families right now. Back then all we did was ride!

Since we were there in 1998 on Road Fools, Salt Lake City has become somewhat of a BMX mecca. What can you tell us about the scene today and what are some things you like most about it?
The Scene has always been tight and still is today. There is a lot of respect for each other. I just like the fact that there are a lot more places to ride than ever before with all the new parks, and Beringer’s house is a blast.

We were in SLC last September at the end of Road Fools 18 where we visited Beringer’s backyard. We didn’t see you around at all. Where were you?
Probably going to Texas doing a bunch of interviews for the Red Bull gig.

Fuzzy riding Matt Beringer’s yard, 2010. Photo courtesy of Skier Jay.

Near the end of the RF2 interview Robbo asks how long you think you’d be riding, and you say “hopefully another 5 years”. That was 13 years ago. How much are you still riding today?
I know that’s so crazy that was so long ago! I definitely still ride but not near as much and my style is way more mellow. I just like to cruise thru trails and do tables!

Did you ever find out who called your house when Robbo answered the phone at the very end of the interview?
No man that’s still a mystery!

How have things changed from back when you were test riding bikes with Chris Moeller for BMX Action compared to today? What year was the BMX Action gig? What things did you like best about BMX back then, and what things do you like best about BMX today?
I think it’s definitely more in tune with fashion that it’s ever been, and I’m sure some of the fashion from the BMX Action test with Moeller (circa 1987) may even come back around. I hope not!

Fuzzy circa 1987. Photo courtesy of Skier Jay.

You’re pretty active on Twitter. Explain.
It’s definitely part of my life and I’m addicted. I wish I could hang out with everyone all the time and I guess it’s the next best thing to electronically hang out with your friends in a crazy busy world! I wish I could have followed BMX pros when I was 12. Maybe that would have been a bad thing? Haha.

Thanks Fuzzy, any final words about RF2 stopping at your place, or anything else?
Just stoked it all went down and it all got documented! Thanks RF!

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  1. Latane Coghill

    How about a recall article with Joe Rich and the backwards rails from Road Fools 1? Or Van Homan and the Kona tailwhip gap or the snakerun? Just a thought.

  2. HAHA. I spotted jerky in the background. I forgot about that.

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