Road Fools 1 is being re-mastered for a new RF box set coming soon

Check out this nice little article by ESPN’s Brian Tunney about the Road Fools 1 re-mastering that’s going on! If you didn’t hear, we’re finally going to be releasing a complete Road Fools box set on Blu-ray with all the videos, RF 1-18 and the 2 Rock and Roll Tours.

Since the only master of the original Road Fools 1 is on analog S-VHS, the video is undergoing a complete re-edit and re-mastering from the source DV footage tapes to produce a native DV master for the box set.

We’re also putting together a Road Fools book, which will be available as a traditional coffee table print book and also as an interactive digital iBook version that will be available for download on iPads. All coming this year!

Check the article here.

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