Road Fools 18 Hitting the Road

Road Fools 18, presented by FlickTrix & featuring teams Madera and Premium, is hitting the road from San Francisco, CA to Salt Lake City, UT. Check this site for up-to-date coverage from the road, featuring videos and blogs, as well as possibly guest commentary from crew members. Should be an insane trip!

Check the crew:


Dave McDermott
Jeff Kocsis
John Ludwick
Josh Eilken
Mike Hinkens
Tom Villarreal
Bryce Toole
Matt Coplon (TM)


Garrett Reynolds
JJ Palmere
Josh Harrington
Dan Foley
Chad Kerley
Colin Mackay (TM)

with special guests Dave Thompson, Kareem Williams (yep), Big Daddy, and Catfish.

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