Road Fools 2 – Fuzzy’s Backyard Session

After starting the RF2 trip in Chicago and a 2 day drive, we made it to Utah where Buck Choklit (Steve Crandall) made an appearance in a country restaurant posing as a famous country singer.

After that we headed over to Fuzzy’s then backyard trails for the first riding session of the trip, featuring Fuzzy, Robbo, Mike Tag, Rooftop, Steve Crandall, Matt Beringer, Elf, Freddie Chullo, Cory Nastazio, and a very young Mikey Aitken (wearing an orange Crush shirt). Don’t miss Leland putting a high-strung Brian Castillo’s bike through a “lip check”. Fun times!

Check out the interview we did with Fuzzy in the companion Recall post.

Jawbreaker | “Indictment”

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