Road Fools

“I was 18 laid up with knee surgery and Derek Adams hit me up to say he was tagging along with the Props crew on a road trip. I didn’t understand at the time how epic Road Fools 1 would be, or Road Fools in general for that matter, but I knew I wanted to be on that trip in the worst way. In retrospect it was probably a really good thing I couldn’t come along, being 18 and eager as hell it was more likely then not I would have annoyed or pissed off most of my heroes ha ha. Road Fools 1 came out and it captured everything amazing about BMX. A crew of good friends, good vibes and some of the most progressive riding ever. Road Fools 1 helped change the way I looked at the streets. By the time Road Fools 4 rolled around I had weaseled my way onto the invite list. It was everything I had dreamed of. Traveling the country and riding BMX with good friends and my childhood heroes. It’s a great feeling to contribute to BMX by showing people how much fun it should be. From Belgian waffles to the Back Street Boys, Road Fools never seems to lack entertainment for the people on the trip or the people watching at home. Road Fools has been going strong for over 12 years now and although a lot has changed, the fun vibes and entertaining riding always seems to ring true. I’m proud to be as Marco puts it ‘Mr. Road Fools’. Hope to be on another one soon!”
– Van Homan, Fit Bike Co/Two By Four