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Road Fools 4 – Sold out
Road Fools 4 took a crew of riders and stumbled through the Northeast and New England on one hell of a road trip.

Crew: Chad Kagy, Kris Bennett, Mike Tagliavento, Van Homan, Cory Nastazio, Brian Castillo, Mike Escamilla, Nate Wessel, Jason Enns, Leland Thurman, Chris Moeller, McGoo

Road Fools 3 – Sold out
Road Fools 3 stumbled throughout the Midwest and East Coast on one hell of a road trip.

Crew: Kris Bennett, Chad DeGroot, Nate Wessel, Mike Ardelean, Leigh Ramsdell, Colin Winkelmann, Jason Enns, Shoe-G, Chris Moeller, Chris Stevenson, Officer Dale, Captain Idiot, Mr. Bonsai

Road Fools 2 – Sold out
Road Fools 2 took more riders than they could carry and stumbled across the Northwest on a road trip from hell.

Crew: Joe Rich, Jimmy Levan, Sandy Carson, Robbie Morales, Rooftop, Brian Castillo, Steve Crandall, Mike Tag, Leigh Ramsdell, MIke Ardelean, Greg Walsh, Leland Thurman, Buck Choklit, Lance

Road Fools 1 – Sold out | Watch Road Fools 1
The first Road Fools was actually Issue 23 of Props Video Magazine. We took as many riders as we could carry and stumbled across the southeast on one hell of a road trip. Stops included CO, AZ, NM, TX, and OK.

Crew: Joe Rich, Taj Mihelich, Jimmy Levan, Dave Freimuth, Robbie Morales, Sandy Carson, Derek Adams