RF 17 – Kink vs Etnies

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UPDATE: Now on iTunes!

Road Fools 17 – DVD sold out
Road Fools 17 traveled from Tennessee to Georgia, featuring teams Etnies and Kink. Copping bad attitudes, they battled it out over clips, spots, and who can talk the most smack. We threw Big Daddy in the mix for good measure, who marinated in the bracket and crashed hard in the kitchen.

Team Etnies: Nathan Williams, Morgan Wade, Brian Kachinsky, Jeff Klugiewicz, Randy Taylor, Javier Ortega, Aaron Ross (hurt), John Povah – TM

Team Kink: Chris Doyle, Tony Hamlin, Darryl Tocco, Sean Sexton, KC Badger, Aaron Smith, Jason Roe – TM

and featuring Big Daddy as himself

Road Fools 17 Videos