RF 18 – Madera & Premium

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Road Fools 18 features riders from the Madera and Premium teams traveling from Northern California to Utah.

Team Madera: Dave McDermott, Jeff Kocsis, John Ludwick, Josh Eilken, Mike Hinkens, Tom Villarreal, Bryce Toole, Matt Coplon – TM

Team Premium: Garrett Reynolds, JJ Palmere, Josh Harrington, Dan Foley, Chad Kerley, Colin MacKay – TM

Special Guests: Big Daddy, Dave Thompson, Kareem Williams

Road Fools 18 Videos
Web edits posted during trip
Bonus Day 0 San Jose

Road Fools 18 Soundtrack – support the bands, buy their music

Intro | Blacklist Royals “Drive On”
Day 1 San Jose | AF the Naysayer “Imagerial Denouement”
Day 1 San Jose | Suuns “Arena”
Day 1 San Jose | The Spits “Life Of Crime”
Day 1 San Jose | Kyoto Drive “Waiting”
Day 2 San Fran | Kenseth Thibideau “Moon 2”
Day 2 San Fran | Clarito Zapanta “Yeah, I’ll Recover”
Day 2 San Fran | Speakyourheart “Understand This Is A Dream Part 2”
Day 2 San Fran | Blatant Finger “Square Peg”
Day 3 Ramp Rats | The Failure’s Union “The New Walk Home”
Day 4 Berkley | Of Montreal “Famine Affair”
Day 4 Berkley | Kenseth Thibideau “Disguise”
Day 5 Sacramento | Someone Still Loves You, Boris Yeltsin “Sink/Let It Sway”
Day 6 Driving to UT | Systems Officer “Oui”
Day 6 Layton park | Blatant Finger “War On My Peers”
Day 7 SLC | The Black Heart Procession “Blank Page”
Day 7 SLC | The Failure’s Union “The Fall Man”
Day 7 Beringer’s | The Bomb “Space Age Love Song”
Day 7 Beringer’s | Blatant Finger “Not In Our World”
Day 7 Beringer’s | Someone Still Loves You, Boris Yeltsin “Back In the Saddle”
Credits | The Tallest Man On Earth “Love Is All”