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Road Fools 12 – DVD sold out | Watch Road Fools 12
Road Fools 12 hit the road in late 2003 with a crew from four different countries (and even New Jersey). Join the biggest Road Fools crew to date as we travel throughout the heart of the US.

Crew: Bob Scerbo, Kevin Porter, Ryan Nyquist, Corey Martinez, Seth Kimbrough, Gary Young, Steven Hamilton, Brian Kachinsky, Stuart King, Scott Malyon, Jason Enns, Sergio Layos

Road Fools 11 - DVD sold out
Road Fools 11 was an 8 day BMX roadtrip starting in Arizona, going through Nevada, and ending in Los Angeles, CA.

Crew: Jamie Bestwick, Cory Nastazio, Marcus Hampl, Chris Doyle, Corey Martinez, Sebastian “Bas” Keep, Gary Young, Tobias Wicke, Phil Wasson, Alistair Whitton, Steven Hamilton, Oliver Leonard, Seth Kimbrough

Road Fools 10 - DVD sold out
Road Fools 10 was a BMX road trip through Oregon, across Washington, and into Vancouver, Canada.

Crew: Vic Murphy, Billy Dexter, Ryan Jordan, Scott Malyon, Dom Mach, Vic Ayala, Edwin Delarosa, Rob Darden, Corey Martinez, Van Homan, Brian Terada, Seth Kimbrough, Butcher, Wiz for the 2nd half

Road Fools 9 – DVD sold out
Road Fools 9 hit up Southern California.

Crew: Jim Cielencki, Rick Moliterno, Kevin Porter, Nate Hanson, Bruce Crisman, Alistair Whitton, Matt Beringer, Dave Mirra, Brian Wizmerski, Pat Juliff, Brian Foster, Ryan “Biz” Jordan, Greg Walsh