Rock-N-Roll Tours 1-2

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Rock-N-Roll Tour 2 – DVD sold out | Download on iTunes
Props Road Fools took 17 riders and 2 bands on the road for 8 days in it’s second edition of the Road Fools Rock-N-Roll BMX Tour, presented by Levis.

Crew: Nathan Williams, Diogo Canina, Rob Wise, Cesar Monzon, Neil Harrington, Zack Warden, Sean Sexton, Dylan Smith, Morgan Wade, Brad Simms, Brian Kachinsky, Chase Hawk, Scotty Cranmer, Corey Martinez, Aaron Ross, Mike Aitken, Mat Hoffman

Bands: Lucero and Thunderlip

Rock-N-Roll Tour 1 – DVD sold out | Download on iTunes
15 pro BMXers joined 3 bands for a tour through the Midwest on the first ever Road Fools Rock-N-Roll BMX Tour, presented by Fender Guitars.

Crew: Adam Banton, Matt Beringer, Scotty Cranmer, Bruce Crisman, Chris Doyle, Tony Hamlin, Jeff Klugiewicz, Taj Mihelich, Ryan Nyquist, Karl Poynter, Kevin Porter, Leigh Ramsdell, Domonic Trovato, Morgan Wade, Tobias Wicke

Bands: Greyscale, The Snake Trap, This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb