Setup – Darryl Nau Intro

We’ve been working on a Setup with the one and only Darry Nau which will be going up soon. We asked Darryl to write up a little intro, which follows.

“Hi wacky world wide web readers! I am fresh off of announcing the first stop of Dew Tour and doing the same at X Games!

The riding is amazing and the crowds here are unreal. In a perfect world there would be a BMXBoard cheering section but I’m sure the boys won’t disappoint me with chiming in from online, big shouts to mikej and bkfbm!

This winter I had the time of my life spending 6 months riding my brand new custom american made FBM gypsy frame down in Austin, TX. Everyday since heading back to NYC, I’ve woken up missing my Austin family of BMX brothers and sisters with Tom and Tina from Empire being the best parents to any BMX scene a rider could ask for.

Well I was fortunate to work hand in hand the amazingly talented filmer / editor who happens to work for Props, Terrell Gordy. We took an afternoon and an morning to shoot a bike check down at the sacred holy grounds of BMX known as 9th St.

Terrell is just putting the finishing touches on this piece. I personally can’t wait to see it to remind me of all great times that we had together down in Austin.

If you are currently at X-Games or will be at any of the future events I’ll be announcing at this year,  please don’t hesitate to reach out, I would love to meet you. I just took the plunge, and joined Facebook so if you would like to stay in touch, I’d love to hear from you.”

Until we ride again,
Darryl Nau
BLACKEN 2011… or 14?

p.s. Cliff Burton RIP

p.s.s. Positive energy to Jay Eggleston and Chad Kagy

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