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All my gratitude and thanks to:

Dave Harrison for being a big brother to me, being one of the most talented craftsman on earth and hand building this Custom 21.25 Gypsy FBM frame. A timeless work of art.

Steve Crandall, John Lee, Mike Erb, the Baker Family and all the boys at FBM for all of your support and fun adventures.

Joe Rich and Terrible one for showing the BMX community how it can be done. Joe you lead by example making Austin an awesome place and showing me on a daily basis of how I can be a more caring and compassionate person. 

Jim Bauer, Nuno and the rest of the Odyssey family for creating the highest quality and most progressive parts on the planet. Jim your attention to detail is amazing and does not go unnoticed.

Matt Coplan and Profile Racing. If there is one part that has not changed on my bike through out time and that is Profile cranks. A true American classic, like an ice cold Budweiser. I’d like to take a moment and tip my hat in Matt’s direction as being an amazing friend, rider and someone who inspires all of to demand the most of ourselves while having a great time doing it. Thank you Matt.

Byron Anderson for showing me how strong the BMX brotherhood can be and for creating an amazing chain for Shadow that I’m proud and honored to ride.

Empire BMX – I would like to thank my entire Empire family for helping with the build out of this bike. Taylor custom building the most amazing wheels, Hanson dialing in my brakes, Adam Roye supplying the music and Tom / Tina being the moral and mental support on life’s hardest decision…what color plastic pedals to get 😉

Fiona Silver, Baby thank you for your support and encouragement for me to make my dreams a reality and for creating beautiful music while doing it. You can check out more of her music at

9th Street trails, holy land. All of the locals and the city of Austin, you embraced me with open arms and made me feel at home – THANK YOU. I feel in love with you and your city. If I die tomorrow, please burry me in the main line and have Santana crack open an ice cold tall can on top of me.

Josh Stricker for opening your heart, home and most importantly liquor cabinet to us.
Jessie Hopkins for being the most generous and adventerous person I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. I am counting down the days till we travel together.

Taj Michelich for putting on one hell of a contest and I’m honored that you chose me to be the voice of it! I can’t wait for Texas Toast 2012!

Props for making awesome content!

Special thanks to George Hoernig, Mike Jonas, Ti West, My Family, Hippy Josh, Stew Johnson, Eagle Claw, Beauty Bar and the boys of BMXBoard for supporting the parties / events that I put together down here.

I’m currently on tour announcing the X-Games, Dew Tour and will be in Finland for Summer Simple Sessions, if you will be at any of these events or future ones, please don’t hesitate to reach out, I would love to meet you. I just took the plunge, and joined Facebook so if you would like to stay in touch, I’d love to hear from you.

Until we ride again,

Darryl Nau


BLACKEN 2011…or 14?

p.s. Cliff Burton RIP
p.p.s. Positive energy to Jay Eggleston and Chad Kagy

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