Solid Bikes “Who You Gonna Tell?” roadtrip part 1

Bump in case anyone missed these

Watch both parts
Solid Bikes “Who You Gonna Tell?” Part 1
Solid Bikes “Who You Gonna Tell?” Part 2 Exclusive

During a stormy mid-February week in Northern California, several members of the Solid Bikes team traveled to the Southwest US to keep it lit and avoid the rain. In Part 1 the team visits Arizona hitting up the Glendale and Chandler skateparks, and also the streets in Phoenix and Tucson. Moves were made, fruit was picked, ditches were ditched, crashes were burned, and the sun was fun. Who you gonna tell?

Featuring Jase Knack, Jake Honesto, Gerald Norman, John Ivers, Kevin Malia, Dustin Mata, Tristan Adams, Nick Hammer, Troy Conzelmann, Bryan Buswell, Nick Black, and Chris McMahon.

Filming/editing: Chris McMahon
Thanks: Don Van Hyning

The Leadership | “Keep the Change”
The Joy Formidable | “Whirring”
Inxs | “Don’t Change”
23 Skiddo | “Coup”

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