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  • Props Megatour 10 – Bonus Bails

    Props Megatour 10 – Bonus Bails

    UPDATE: Now on iTunes! Megatour 10 follows 4 teams as they traverse Texas. With a change from previous Megatour editing formats, MT10 features each team in their own stand alone section. Sunday Bikes team: Jim Cielencki (TM), Alex Magallan, Eric Lichtenberger, Garrett Reeves, Jake Seeley, Mike Gonzales, Gary Young & Aaron Ross. FBM team: Steve Crandall (TM), Garrett Guilliams, Adam Guilliams, Darryl Nau, Tom Blyth, Eric Hennessey, Kenny Horton, Joel Barnett & Evan Venditti. BSD team: Grant Smith (TM), Tony […]

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  • Texas Toast – Crashes!

    Texas Toast – Crashes!

    With wild obstacles comes wild crashes. Here’s the final section concluding our Texas Toast coverage. Crashes! If there was a “Tough as Nails” award Hoang Tran without a doubt would’ve taken it. If you missed any of our Texas Toast coverage, check it all out here. Best Trick & Events Dirt Finals Dirt Qualifying Dirt Practice iPhone & iPad version click here

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