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  • Props Megatour 10 – FBM

    Props Megatour 10 – FBM

    UPDATE: Now on iTunes! Megatour 10 follows 4 teams as they traverse Texas. With a change from previous Megatour editing formats, MT10 features each team in their own stand alone section. FBM team: Steve Crandall (TM), Garrett Guilliams, Adam Guilliams, Darryl Nau, Tom Blyth, Eric Hennessey, Kenny Horton, Joel Barnett & Evan Venditti. Check our exclusive online Megatour 10 coverage if you missed any. MT10 DVD SOLD OUT.

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  • Setup – Darryl Nau

    Setup – Darryl Nau

    There’s no denying Darryl is a one of a kind in the world of BMX. In this Setup Darryl talks about his brand new ride and sessions 9th Street in Austin. His girlfriend Fiona even jams out on a ukulele and sings a song live for the part. Gotta love it! Never a man of few words, Darryl writes: This winter I had the time of my life spending 6 months riding my brand new custom American made FBM Gypsy […]

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  • Setup – Darryl Nau Intro

    Setup – Darryl Nau Intro

    We’ve been working on a Setup with the one and only Darry Nau which will be going up soon. We asked Darryl to write up a little intro, which follows. “Hi wacky world wide web readers! I am fresh off of announcing the first stop of Dew Tour and doing the same at X Games! The riding is amazing and the crowds here are unreal. In a perfect world there would be a BMXBoard cheering section but I’m sure the […]

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  • Megatour 10 Party in Austin Sunday!!

    Megatour 10 Party in Austin Sunday!!

    With just a little over 24 hours notice, Darry Nau (who’s traveling with the FBM crew) is going nuts flying in bands and booking venues for a huge MT10 party for the evening of Sunday, March 6th. If you’re in the Austin area this is not something you’ll want to miss! Come meet the MT10 teams and have a good time hanging out and listening to Japanther, Tia Carrera, and the Gentleman Rouges. Stew Johnson will be on hand showing […]

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  • Props Issue 74 – Darryl Nau Day in the Life

    Props Issue 74 – Darryl Nau Day in the Life

    Featured in the fall 2009 Issue of Props Video Magazine. Darryl is BMX at its finest, have fun and ride your bike, forget about the haters and do your own thing. Inspiring.

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