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  • Travel Thoughts

    Travel Thoughts

    There’s something about traveling that’s hard to explain. You’ve come to the end of your trip, money spent, and everything you could’ve ever imagined has been done and seen. New people have been met, new spots have been ridden, and ever-lasting stories have been created. But like always, eventually it’s time to head home. Being home is great. Sleeping in your own bed, eating at your favorite restaurants, hanging out with old friends. But soon once home, like clockwork, you’ll […]

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  • Owned 2011 – Dan Foley BTS Photogallery

    Owned 2011 – Dan Foley BTS Photogallery

    UPDATE: Now on iTunes! While filming for Dan’s Owned 2011 section recently, our friend Tyler Northrup was on hand to fire off some behind the scenes pics of filmer/editor Terrell Gordy out shooting with Dan. Enjoy. Get the DVD here. Check out Dan’s behind the scenes edits, and the others’ edits as well if you missed any.

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  • Film Boards – The Art of Rolling Capture

    Film Boards – The Art of Rolling Capture

    A BMX filmer’s skateboard. When used correctly it can make that boring shot just a little more special. It can be used as transportation or as a dolly. As a tripod, seat, downtime fun, bunnyhop measurement tool, or an opener of adult beverages. It can even cause pain. Some people may ask why? Why use a skateboard when you have a perfectly capable bike to roll on? Skateboards allow for two handed operation, a more stable camera, and ultimately smoother lines. How […]

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