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  • Texas Toast – Crashes!

    Texas Toast – Crashes!

    With wild obstacles comes wild crashes. Here’s the final section concluding our Texas Toast coverage. Crashes! If there was a “Tough as Nails” award Hoang Tran without a doubt would’ve taken it. If you missed any of our Texas Toast coverage, check it all out here. Best Trick & Events Dirt Finals Dirt Qualifying Dirt Practice iPhone & iPad version click here

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  • Texas Toast – Best Trick & Events

    Texas Toast – Best Trick & Events

    With the first annual Texas Toast Jam I can say it was nothing short of amazing. Despite the extreme heat and heavy winds throughout the weekend, I kept hearing was how much people really enjoyed and how truly BMX this contest was. With no shortage of amazing riders and strange obstacles this was truly a unique event. A eurogap that was shaped like a castle and dragon, 100 foot long rainbow colored grind rail, grind box shaped like a coffin, […]

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  • Texas Toast – Dirt Finals

    Texas Toast – Dirt Finals

    Richardo Laguna, Austin Coleman, Jeremy Ball, Broc Raiford, Van Homan, Tom Dugan, Kevin Porter, Clint Reynolds, Ricky Mosley, Chase Hawk, and Gary Young hit the dirt section one last time for the Texas Toast Finals. Dirt Results 1st – Gary Young 2nd – Chase Hawk 3rd – Ricky Mosley 4th – Clint Reynolds 5th – Kevin Porter Also check out the dirt qualifying and dirt practice sessions if you missed them. Music Black Milk | “Shut It Down” iPhone & […]

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  • Texas Toast – Dirt Qualifying

    Texas Toast – Dirt Qualifying

    Dudes hit up the rhythm section in brutal heat for Texas Toast qualifying. Check clips from Dan Foley, Ritardo, Morgan Wade, Ronnie Napolitan, Big Daddy, Jeremy Ball, Baz Keep, Dakota Roche, Zack Early, Tom Dugan, Scotty Cranmer, Van Homan, Ricky Mosley, Brian Hunt, Clint Reynolds, Kevin Porter, Alistair Whitton, Cory Nastazio, Gary Young, Chase Hawk. Also check out the dirt practice session if you missed it. Music Foster the People | “Helena Beat” iPhone & iPad version click here

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  • Dugan and Aitken doubles at Texas Toast

    Dugan and Aitken doubles at Texas Toast

    This clip is pretty awesome of Tom Dugan and Mike Aitken training through the dirt at Texas Toast, marking Aitken’s first time riding in a contest since his injury. Crandall and Nau on the mics with the crowd going nuts. Thanks to CH4Dtreanor.

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  • Texas Toast – Dirt Practice

    Texas Toast – Dirt Practice

    Tom Dugan, Gary Young, Chase Hawk, Big Daddy, Van Homan, Kevin Porter, and more hit up the dirt course at Texas Toast, which is going down this weekend in Austin, TX. Music Art Lord & The Self-Portraits | “Little Line Drawing” iPhone & iPad version click here

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