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With the first annual Texas Toast Jam I can say it was nothing short of amazing. Despite the extreme heat and heavy winds throughout the weekend, I kept hearing was how much people really enjoyed and how truly BMX this contest was. With no shortage of amazing riders and strange obstacles this was truly a unique event. A eurogap that was shaped like a castle and dragon, 100 foot long rainbow colored grind rail, grind box shaped like a coffin, bunnyhop contest where beards were mandatory (well for the most part), and a scary big curve wallride that took out a couple of notable riders. Then there was the Gauntlet of Death obstacle course which was nothing short of amazing, with obstacles like giant pair Oakley sunglasses, balance beam over water, a huge taco and spinning wheel of death that riders had to figure out a way to rider over, on and around. While many of the best bike riders in the world weren’t able to finish the course the whole weekend, Scotty Cranmer walked in and completed the course on the first day before lunch!

Needless to say it was a great time, with some great riding. If you happen to be in the Austin area next year when Texas Toast 2 happens I suggest you attend and enjoy yourself. Keep a look out for the 5th installment of the Texas Toast videos coming soon. Number 5 is all those not quite makes throughout the weekend, including some amazing Gauntlet of Death moments. – Terrell Gordy

Texas Toast finishes off the weekend with some awesome, bizarre street course setups that lead to complete pandemonium. Big thanks to Odyssey & Taj Mihelich for throwing such an awesome event, and all the sponsors that helped make it happen. So good. Check this!

Shadow box best trick winner
Dan Foley

Failure bearded leap frog winner
Broc Raiford – 49 inches

Dragon Slayer best trick winner
Scotty Cranmer

Sunday’s icepick challenge winner
Matt Houck – 50 feet, 8 inches

Empire curved wallride best trick winner
Gary Young

Also check out the dirt finals, dirt qualifying and dirt practice sessions if you missed them.

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