Thug skateboarders vs security guards

We found this tape on the side of the road, someone must have dropped it in all the commotion. Crazy footage of unknown thug skateboarders vs racist security guards in Miami!

Interrupting a skate session, security guards start taking pics of the intruders. After ordering them to leave the property, the guards proceeded to get nasty trying to steal the skateboarder’s camera equipment. Having had enough of the antagonistic filmer, the black female guard starts throwing racial slurs and angrily cracks the video camera with her maglight, only to have one of the skateboarders snap and smash their security camera in a fit of rage, throwing it back in pieces lol.

As the miscreants flee the scene, a 7 foot tall black man security guard running tackles the cameraman off his skateboard, taking them both to the ground in the street. The cameraman miraculously escapes the giant’s clutches and they mount a final daring escape into the Miami darkness!

Beats by Will Taubin.

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  1. There’s no doubt that the skaters certainly didn’t make the situation any easier and are probably adding to a bad name that many skaters have, but the security guards response is shocking,and the fact they’ve been caught on camera proves that its not always the authority figure who’s in the right.

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