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“Through the years, few things have remained a constant in the fast changing world of BMX, and in one form or another, the media has always been there to document, the times, the styles, the characters, the progression and the shear awesomeness of the 20 inch lifestyle. One of the longest lasting staples in BMX, and in Independent media, Props has covered the talent, the travel, the good times and more, through video and beyond. Through the eyes of some of the best videographers and producers in BMX, VHS tapes, DVDs, television channels, and even computers, have given us the fruits of their efforts, and made our beloved pastime that much better. Props has both inspired, and documented the best in BMX since the early 90′s, and continues to do so.”
- Steve Crandall, FBM/LeastMost

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  1. GEORGE BUGBEE says:

    put up the bethelehem scene report from issue 21

  2. dk sam says:

    e iso ae mel vei

  3. Charles Butzner says:

    What’s up guys I’m a huge fan of all the shows on FUEL TV and I know this might be a question that’s not frequently asked but there’s some music on these Props 7 episodes that I really like and I’ve been trying to find some of it and have thus far been unsuccessful. Any possibility of being able to post soundtracks or a list of the song titles and artists..?

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