Welcome to the new PropsBMX.tv

A little info

Well what do we have here? We’ve been hard at work over the last couple months planning the site and getting everything in place. What we’ve done is assembled all our videos and posts into a better space, making it much easier to find and navigate things. It’s essentially a proper video blog where we can feature posted vids, exclusive content & info.

Featured content

The featured content slider will rotate all the featured posts, and just below that all the newest posts are listed. Now it’s easy to stay on top of all the latest vid posts and info.

Menus & Tabs

All our DVDs are organized into menus according to series title, with info about each one, any posted vid content, a link over to our store and more. Visit the Video Magazine Archive pages for a comprehensive list of all 77 Issues, their full contents, and posted parts linked. It’s the first time this has all been in one place, it took even us quite a while to get it all together going back quite a number of years, ha! We’ve opened comments there so feel free to browse and post sections you want us to post and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

Lots of exclusive original content

We have a lot more planned, and will throttling it up in the coming weeks and months with tons of new original and exclusive content. We’re excited to have videographer and editor Terrell Gordy on board to provide much of the exclusive vids. Hit up Terrell on Twitter and see what he’s up to.


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